our learning philosophy


First and foremost, your child has the right to be cared for in a safe, healthy, nurturing, fun, and respectful environment by adults who are well trained in child development principles.

We support a “whole-child” concept by meeting each child’s emotional, social, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and emerging cultural needs. Our programs are based on the assumption that a child’s growth is a sequential process and that children pass through predictable stages of development in all areas and within age ranges.

We believe that children learn best through play. A team teaching approach is practiced in each classroom and, the curriculum is designed to meet each child’s individual development needs, as well as the needs of the group. We embrace an eclectic curriculum style that celebrates the diversity of our staff and our families and is theme-based throughout the whole ECC.

“Play is a child’s work and the way children learn. Through play, children learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them.”