The goals and practices of each program and classroom builds upon the previous to ensure we are best preparing children for kindergarten. Check out our building blocks in just a few core areas.


Ahavah (love) - Various Jewish texts refer to many kinds of love. Ahavah serves as the basis for many of the commandments. As we love ourselves and others, we become more beloved. Our infant program provides love and nurturing to the youngest children we serve in the ECC. Ahavah Development Milestones (PDF)
Birth to 4 months Developmental Snapshot 4 to 8 months Developmental Snapshot 8 to 12 months Developmental Snapshot


Kehillah (community) - Pirke Avot tells us to not separate ourselves from our communities. Community is just as important as home and family as we need one another to grow. As children enter into our toddler program they are engaging in parallel play and beginning to recognize the value of community. Kehillah Development Milestones (PDF)
12 to 18 months Developmental Snapshot

18 to 24 months Developmental Snapshot

Kavod (respect) - Kavod comes from the Fifth of the Ten Commandments, which addresses honoring your father and mother. The basis of Kavod is showing respct to all of the people we interact with. Our toddlers are moving from parallel play to partner and group play in this classroom. With this, the children are learning how to share, use their words to express their emotions, and being respectful of one another. Kavod Development Milestones (PDF)
2 to 3 years old Developmental Snapshot


Shalom (peace) - Throughout history the Jewish people have sought out peace and harmony, serenity, and security, not only for themselves, but for he whole world. Preschool children are of the perfect age to be pursuers of peace, whether it be to help bring a sense of calm to the classroom or learn to solve their own problems. Shalom Development Milestones (PDF)
3 to 4 year old Developmental Snapshot


Ruach (spirit) Ruach is the positive energy that can be brought to everything a person does. When considering our prekers it could be the enhusiasm we hope to instill in regards to learning; an excitment for exploration; or a positive attitude when it is time to clean up. Ruach Development Milestones (PDF)
4 to 5 year old Developmental Snapshot


Each classroom has a specific daily schedule that is followed to ensure children have the appropriate amount of time engaging in the various development areas.


Each week curriculum is posted outside the classrooms highlighting the teacher initated activities the children will engage in throughout the week. Our template also highlights how these activities and the various play materials in the classroom meet the key development areas focused on through the Minnesota Early Learning Standards.