preschool & preK programs


Ages 3 to 4 years

Preschool age children are full of wonder as they develop a sense of trust in their teachers, competence in themselves, and the ability to initiate activities with each other. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum, implemented by our experienced, highly trained and nurturing teachers, seeks to maximize the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development of each individual child.

Throughout the week the preschooler has the opportunity to explore with the play materials in the classroom, engage in teacher initiated, developmentally appropriate curriculum, swimming, music, art and gym.


Ages 4 to 5 years

Our Pre-K Program and curriculum aligns with the Minnesota Kindergarten Academic Standards with the Minnesota Childhood Indicators of Progress (curriculum details are available). In order to ensure we are preparing children for kindergarten, we require that Pre-K children are enrolled, at a minimum, in our Monday through Friday half day program during the school year.

Throughout the week, the Pre-K children have the opportunity to explore through play in the classroom, engage in teacher initiated activities and a developmentally appropriate curriculum. They will also enjoy swimming, music and art, as well as many other special events during the year!

Preschool Application (33 months - 4 years old) (PDF)
PreK Application (entering kindergarten the next school year) (PDF)
Parent Handbook (PDF)

Preschool and PreK Development Snapshots

3 to 4 year old Developmental Snapshot

4 to 5 year old Developmental Snapshot