Jewish Artists’ Laboratory


Voices of wisdom

June 16 – August 28, 2016

Flights of Fancy, Shabes JCC Shared Walls Exhibit

“Who is Wise?... The one who learns from every person…"--Pirkei Avot

This exhibit features artwork by the Minneapolis Jewish Artists’ Laboratory using a wide array of media and exploring many interpretations of this year’s theme of Wisdom. Through the use of traditional Jewish text, poetry, songs, stories and a variety of artistic modalities, the notion of wisdom has taken on new meaning.

“We have raised more questions than answers over the past year as we have tried to define the ethereal, “states Robyn Awend, Sabes JCC’s Director of Visual Arts and Coordinator of the Minneapolis Artists’ Lab. “We have literally been wrestling with this topic, challenging ourselves to define and redefine what it means to be wise, who is wise and identifying the many ways that Wisdom is tightly woven into our Jewish DNA.”

Artists include:
Tuvia Abramson, Susan Armington, Robyn Awend, Carolyn Light Bell, Joel Carter, Sandra Felemovicius, Suzanne Fenton, Bev Fishman, Leah Golberstein, Jonathan Gross, Rani Halpern, David Jordan Harris, Bonnie Heller, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Sylvia Horwitz, Anita Konikoff, Alison Morse, Aimee Orkin, Diane Pecoraro, Paula Leiter Pergament, Kris Prince, Louise Ribnick, Marley Richman, Jodi Rosen, Phil Rosenbloom, David Sherman, Judy Snitzer, Sharon Stillman, Rony Szleifer, Roslye Ultan, Susan Weinberg, Rochelle Woldorsky, Liba Zweigbaum-Herman.

Lab Facilitators:
Rabbi Alexander Davis, Meryll Page, Lynda Monick-Isenberg & Jay Isenberg

On display in the Tychman Shapiro Gallery & Shared Walls Exhibition Areas

The Midwest Jewish Artists’ Laboratory engages artists in five cities, now throughout the Midwest. The Minneapolis cohort, an initiative through the Sabes JCC, engages local artists of varying artistic media and connections to Judaism. The Laboratory meets twice monthly to engage in ongoing dialogue and to provide a platform for art making through its many stages. Generously funded by The Covenant Foundation.

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