"Because of the JCC's Inclusion program, Maggie had a summer filled with laughter, joy, and most importantly, acceptance."


"My son Sam lives in a group home and is highly social and engaged. Sam takes advantage of every opportunity available to him at the Sabes JCC including Upstream Arts, fitness, and social/recreational classes. He is a member of the Fireflies, the JCC's Special Olympics team. Not only does Sam have the opportunity to give back to the community through the JCC's Tikkun Olam program, he also volunteers every Friday as a greeter at the Fitness Desk. The Sabes JCC gives Sam the opportunity to be an integral, contributing member of his community"


"Sarah got up this morning and wanted to go to the Sabes JCC! 'I just can't get enough of the place' ...her words! NEVER has she liked to go anywhere. The only magic I can conjure up is genuine human respect... I believe our Sarah could fly!"


"Our son Edan is 11 years old. He is on the Autism Spectrum and is totally non-verbal and makes little eye contact. This summer he had the opportunity to attend camp at the JCC. Edan just loved being around all the kids and loved swimming in the pool and going on field trips. The whole camp, including campers and counselors, embraced Edan and welcomed him each day. Please support this program so every Jewish child has an opportunity to be part of the community"


"Amy's weekly workouts with her trainer have become a highlight of her week. Not only is she maintaining strength in her body. But she has a renewed strength in her Jewish identity and sense of belonging to the community. It is wonderful to see her walk into the building and be greeted by staff and fellow JCC members"